Farmstead trail, the everlasting town, LuAng…

  I see you to blossom ceremony skirt

  Toward the "love" empty leave a solitary clear of figure

  I this for your desperate moved

  Or blame the way the Paris watercolor illusion

  Went to a wipe clean reluctantly defiled life…

  Madame bovary not a coke, nor a pot of relaxed summer green tea, it is more like ice cappuccino – or sweet, or light, always can touches your heart strings – special is, that seek Paris type love woman, and that eat people of the world, that kind of wave may not and the — happiness.

   the fate of Emma hull, perhaps just because, you too not understand, happiness due shape.

  A girl who grew up in the Abbey, meet a live parents designed by life of married men – she lives in the first man, then naively Cupid by god’s will come.

  Marry a doctor, how much happiness. She then.thee, follow a car carriage, wobbled, drive to the holy place of her dreams — church.

  That year, he was 30, she, cardamom age. Perhaps "life as a tomb," a young heart of hearts, but packed in a quiet castle, the end is not satisfied. She began to doubt, the meaning of life, exactly, "life beauty where"? The manor, Picasso thrall prismis hovering dance, wear blue tailcoat gentleman, wear pearl of young women, she invented, originally life can be so bright affectionate. Back home, but face a wood’s husband, a little-used small garden, so she wept.

  As meteor, lai presents, they talk about books, music, talk about world various. She amazed at their ideas consensus, his intellect is vast, his mind close.

  Fog glittered dazzling white light, that moment, she looked at him is far of figure, tears.

  When career was resentment and regret fill, she beginning complains regretted oneself how love to a wood, and are not abandon not love.

  Then there is LuAng. She met ROM – a sagging soul, always possible for a little Martian lit. Then fell into a man’s trick. She beginning to travel two cities and enthusiastic.

  When she filled with hope to waste all altogether goes to the ends of the earth with his letter, when cut off her hope, love, or a happy life.

  He drove his carriage, from her door apart, and then told her, he is now an unknown island. She looked at him, the curtain of night after, black, illuminating the only her silvery tears.

  She invented, originally, the world didn’t she imagined wonderful.

  That year, she probably 25. She was disappointed, gave birth to a bad illness that he die, and there the smile.

  One day, but in the street met lai – this is a gift of god, or other malicious joke? They went to Paris — that her dream city – they are there, together intoxicated with drunken light fan with trees and flowers everywhere. She become more beautiful, radiant, abnormal enchanting.

  Trail, the road, they stroll, Mercedes, enjoy the sunshine. She was more fall for small RongMao, blue skirt, color bright ze carpet, perhaps gold plating keys.

  So money less and less, she began to do STH without authorization signed the ious, hope repose in the unearned, to date, again and again for love! The ultimate ruin.

  On nov.11 high evening, she came out from the surveyor’s home, crumpled, all the way to insults at the "desecrating" her love of man. Be also that night, she expressed her most the said: my poor, but not betray yourself.

  However, when all of hope all return zero hour, when the court summons attained dignity, still have what use? As instant old.

  Arsenic, not delicious, but she ate, Life, not pain, but she think like this, Oneself, not just live your life, but she did so.

  Zaozhiruci, Emma, you why again to searching for the unreal happy? Why I always remember his childhood wonderful dreams, and grand contrast with reality? He took with confidential die, even around a bunch of good man, she still alone.

  Time’s garden abrupt way back, she sat in front of thorns long boarded, naively looking at the sky, LuAng streets; Their doorstep, Worship of the compound fight, Under the apple tree, her hair fragrance, around her laughter ringing clean.

  She wore moonlight like whiter satin robe, black hair to spread, the facial expression be serene. Night is very docile. Gameover.

  BaoFaLi laoye tragedy, perhaps only by a neglect comedy is caused. He does not love her? In fact, "his happiness, only limited to Emma skirt side width".

  Experience once unlucky be deployed to marriage, a field and money transactions of marriage, how much he cherished the god blessed him with gifts.

  Is because it was too happy to see her eyes, after sorrow.

  He wanted to, he gave her of substantial career, they had a beautiful daughter, she has the most beautiful dress the town, she what reason is there still unhappy? And myself, has near-far well-known medical skills, have a beautiful wife, a lovely manor, a group of friends, what reason unhappy? He don’t know why she sat at her desk all night before opening the lamp, refused to fall asleep, Don’t know why she wants to play it in his heart useless piano, Not clear why she filled up with flowers in the room. But his indulgent, because he loved her. Yes, because of love, he kept silent and eternity.

  Sorry silence didn’t let things much, just for surface calm.

  He introduced her to lai, and convinced she and lai together theatre, just because I had no time to be with her. Find a substitute? Knows not what is his final pain.

  He finally agreed to send her to learn the piano, in addition to pay the tuition fee, he will never ask meticulous section, who knows if she is to use these times tryst.

  He only saw her smile, never see her tears, he thinks that she is happy, but he was wrong.

  He is ignoring her give hints, put her sentimental as "energy problem". She loses her temper, he will endure, for she was sad, but never ask why.

  He dotes on her, blindly. He let her not separate reason, even his rival, ronaldo and lai, all feel he is such a good man.

  He felt his world all gave her, he felt he was so love her, and she, also ought to love him, otherwise why she so hard toil for this home? Why give his children? Why will always accompany him? He can think of to give all gave, sorry, she really wanted, he did not give.

  He doesn’t know what call love, since the childhood resignation, fate seems always control in the mother’s hand, no definite view, old woman daughter-in-law fight, only on the sidelines tears, two have not.

  Perhaps he only is worth commend is, his love so pure, his dull let he peacefully and lived happily for many years until she died. Pick up the letter, his hands were shaking, he looked at empty room, beginning doubt, oneself in recent years, in order to a woman bankruptcy, for a woman dies sobbing, if it’s worth it.

  Saul met at the pub. ROM very nervous, also very guilty, in his heart, never loved the girl called Emma woman, but carefully bowel damaged a man should have a quiet happiness.

  To his accident, BaoFaLi doing nothing, just said a sentence: all of this is life – ROM feel this how funny.

  Small white’s special ran to the bench beside, crying: daddy, daddy. His father against the wall head a slanting, never speak.

  For the sake of happiness, the continuous BaoFaLi master, you’ll always be ignored, it happened in this time, why do you not forgotten? ()They took him and his wife, buried together. Buried at that night, people say that see a young man in full cry all night, which grew by day the man married to a young lady, according to his mother’s wishes and start my own business.

  But a week ago, he just said to her, oneself lifetime love her a person.

  In reality in front, dreams and promise is how funny! BaoFaLi master originally friend opportunists took little property, BaoFaLi originally in the clinic address to practice medicine. The "true friends" – usury businessman, USES he deceived Emma signing ious and mortgage of property secure bowel days of live completely forget who you are involved in such a trick. Career continues, the town of people live and work, BaoFaLi a, slowly forgotten.

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